Trade in your old computer

Have an old computer you want to trade-in or recycle?

NEVER drop off a old computer to the recyclers with your hard drive still in it.

Let us destroy or secure erase your data before it is sent to the recyclers.

We can reinstall Windows and remove your data from a computer before you sell or gift it.

Is your old computer worth fixing?

Do you have an old computer that may be worth fixing. At My Techie Guys we will look at that old computer and give you an honest estimate as to the cost to repair it to working condition. If it will cost more to fix then it is worth, then we will suggest you use your money to purchase another computer.

As always we do not charge unless we actually fix the problem.

Will My Techie Guys buy your old computer?

The answer to that question is POSSIBLY. Be aware that computers double in speed, size and capability about every 2 years - It's called "Moore's Law". So if your old computer is more than 4 years old it will not have any resale value.

And as always we do not charge for looking at your computer, if we buy it - you get some money - If not you can have it back or we will remove the hard drive for destruction. 

There is no charge for us to send it to the recyclers. 

If you want to gift your old computer

My Techie Guys can restore your computer to factory fresh if it has a functioning restore partition. This will remove your data and make it ready for sale or gift to someone of your choosing for a small fee. If the restore partition is missing or damaged then there may be a charge to reinstall Windows. 

Donate your old computer.

If your computer still has a value and you just want to donate it, then there is no charge to reinstall Windows or whatever Operating System it is using like MAC, Linux, or Android.

You can suggest the party the computer is to be donated to, but only if we determine they are truly in need of a donated computer.

We will suggest the recipient of your computer send you a "Thank You" email if you desire.